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As a healthcare professional, you need an excellent resume: one that will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by employers. Whether you’re in the process of hunting for a new position or just searching to see what is out there, update your resume in advance. Take these key tips into consideration to make the most out of your resume.


Share the right skills.


As you put together your resume, make sure you’re focusing on the right set of skills for your potential employer. In the healthcare field, this might include:

  • Technology skills, including experience with the technology used in the facility
  • The specific types of patients you’ve handled before
  • The size of the caseload you’ve handled before
  • Any areas you specialized in while you were in school, if you’re a recent grad
  • Any experience you have writing grants or fundraising
  • Certifications you’ve received/trainings you’ve participated in
  • Relevant experience from other industries

Don’t feel the need to share that you have “basic computer skills” if those skills, for example, consist of the ability to open your email and use Microsoft Word. On the other hand, if you have great community relations skills that you’ve used to help other organizations, that would be a relevant addition to your resume.


Do some research.


No matter what type of position you’re applying for, it’s always helpful to customize your objective based on what your potential employer is looking for. Submitting the same resume every time you apply for a position might save you a little time, but it also won’t help your resume stand out from the crowd. By designing a skills-based resume that is tailored to the employer you’re considering, you will increase the odds that your resume will catch the eye of the recruiter. For example, if you know that a specific facility is known for its attention to detail, you may want to mention that you possess that skill on your resume.


Read the job description. Now, read it again.


Often, recruiters will search for key terms from the job description when they look over your resume, especially if they use a recruiting software to help sort through applicants. If you include those terms in your resume, you’re more likely to get their attention. Make sure that you actually possess the skills that you’re claiming to have when you apply for the position. If you do not possess those skills, you could waste everyone’s time–including your own.


Proofread, proofread, proofread.


Before you submit your resume, have someone else read it over. You don’t want to claim to be a detail-oriented individual with a resume littered with errors–nor do you want to submit a resume with inaccurate employment dates and information. A resume with grammatical errors won’t leave a great first impression on a potential employer.

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