Accounting jobs are always in high demand as they are viewed as fairly recession-proof.. Once you’ve obtained your accounting degree, finding a high-paying accountant role isn’t particularly difficult in the current job market.


Entry-level accounting positions tend to have starting salaries in the $50,000-$60,000 range, while those in certain industries such as financial services, with just a few years of experience, can see salaries approach or exceed six figures.


Do you want to make the most of your accounting degree? Here is how to do it.

What Accounting Job is Right for You?

Before you seek out an accounting position, you should first consider your skill sets, certifications, and experience.

Accountant Doing taxes

What kind of skills can you bring to the workplace? Many accounting jobs will require a thorough understanding of Microsoft Office products, and managerial positions will seek out candidates with leadership skills. Be sure to apply for roles that align well with your actual experience.


Many accounting jobs will require a CPA certification. While there are plenty of accounting roles that do not require one, your job search will be easier both now and, in the future, if you have this certification.


Consider your work and education experience. Government-level accounting positions, for instance, might be easier to obtain if you have any background in political science. If you have little to no experience however, you should mainly apply for entry-level positions.


You should also consider how workloads can vary from job to job. For instance, if you go into tax accounting, you can expect to be quite busy during tax season, but the rest of the year may have a slower pace. Higher-ranking positions may require that you oversee the work of others, which can add a fair amount of responsibility to your daily workload.


While your first job in accounting may not be your dream job, it’s important to gain the experience necessary that will qualify you for higher paying roles in the years to come.


These are the Top Paid Positions in Accounting

So, what are the highest paying accountant jobs? Here’s a list summarizing the positions with the highest average salaries.


Chief Financial Officer

If you land a job as a chief financial officer (CFO), you will be expected to oversee all of the accounting for a designated business.


CFOs are top-level executives similar to CEOs. Leadership, organization skills, and experience in accounting are a must to ascend to this level of role.


Working as a CFO provides the highest salary option of any position on this list. As of April 2022, the average CFO makes roughly $413,665 per year.



As a controller, your role is to manage accounting records and create financial reports for your company.

accounting controller

To obtain this job, you will need to have strong organization and mathematical skills. Because it’s a high-ranking position, employers will be looking for strong leadership and analytical skills as well.


As of April 2022, the average salary for a controller is $235,251 per year.


Accounting Director

As an accounting director, your job is to ensure that a business’s finances are in proper order. You will also help your business fulfill any other finance-related objectives.


Most employers will look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a CPA certificate. Having a few years of experience in accounting will increase your chances of getting this job.


According to, accounting directors make an average of $177,678 per year.


Finance Manager

Finance managers are in control of a company’s daily financial operations. This includes managing the payroll and helping to create budget plans.


Like most accounting positions, you will need a bachelor’s degree to work as a finance manager. While some businesses do not require them, a master’s degree and CPA certification can help increase your chances. You will also need to have strong leadership and problem-solving skills.


The average finance manager in 2022 makes roughly $123,009 a year.


Senior Accountant

Senior accountants have a variety of duties. Some of these include reconciling subledger balances, overseeing other accountants work, and preparing your company’s financial statements.


This position will require a relevant bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience in accounting. They also look for candidates with strong leadership and problem-solving skills.


A senior accountant makes an average of $84,590 per year.


Tax Accountant

As a tax accountant, you can expect to spend most of your time helping clients prepare and calculate their local, state, and federal taxes. These clients can either be individuals or businesses.

tax accountant

In most cases, you will need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to work as a tax accountant. Because you will need to work with clients, employers will value those with communication and problem-solving skills.


At the entry-level, tax accountants currently average at a salary of $60,300 per year. In contrast, senior tax accountants make around $90,800 per year.


Accounts Payable Specialist

The duties of an accounts payable specialist involve managing a business’s financial records. Other responsibilities include bookkeeping, keeping records of finances, creating invoices, and more.


Employers will look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. They usually do not require very much experience, so this can be a great entry-level position.


The average yearly salary of an accounts payable specialist in 2022 is $42,190.


Final Thoughts

Each position in accounting provides unique opportunities depending on your experience level.


While some of the highest paying accounting jobs will require years of experience, there are still plenty of entry-level options that will provide you with an excellent salary. Over time, these positions can give you the experience necessary to qualify for more lucrative roles in the accounting field.