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If you’re just beginning to dip your toes into the world of IT, you’ll likely run up against extensive lists of all of the possible certifications you can get. Everything from all-encompassing knowledge of the basics to expertise concerning niche topics can be tested; how are you supposed to decide which step towards certification is best for you?


We’ve compiled a quick overview of just a handful of the certifications you can pursue if you’re ready to delve into tech. Your capabilities, interests, and past experience will inform much of the decision-making process, but this roundup will serve as your primer on some of the most valuable IT certifications.


Entry-Level and Intermediate Certifications

If you’re just getting started in the IT field, there are a number of certifications that you should pursue. These introductory and intermediate certifications will help you get your feet wet while you decide what your path forward will look like. Some of them offer a glance into specialization, which may help you determine whether you want to get granular in the future.


CompTIA A+ Certification

These certifications are available for numerous platforms, but the CompTIA A+ certification is widely-viewed as the first stepping stone to a career in IT. The A+ exam covers the foundations of tech– hardware, troubleshooting, tech support, and best practices are all covered extensively.


Cisco Certifications

Like CompTIA, Cisco offers numerous certifications. Cisco’s certifications are particularly valuable thanks to their prominence in the infrastructure sphere. A gold star from them indicates you’re on top of modern developments in the realm of IT.


The most popular of the Cisco certifications will render you a Cisco Certified Network Associate. You can snag this certification after getting your bare-bones extra-level cert. You’ll be able to choose to specialize, if the idea appeals to you, in a number of areas including cloud, security, wireless, and data center.


Security Certifications

Cloud Computing Certifications

The popularity of cloud computing is on the rise– and companies are looking for certified pros to help them launch this technology into the next generation of innovative new capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more about the cloud, you’ve got a number of certification options at your fingertips.


CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials and Cloud+ Certifications

The Essentials certification comes first; then budding tech pros can grab Cloud+ certification, too. Both programs are designed to be rigorous and comprehensive components of a greater overall cloud education. Cloud+ will help to validate the skills and expertise you learned about in Cloud Essentials; and Cloud Essentials will teach you everything you need to know about the business and operations side of cloud computing.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional

Did you know that Amazon is the world’s largest provider of cloud computing services? It only follows that they’d have their own exam in place to test IT pros on their cloud knowledge. This certification validates a number of abilities, including those required to design and deploy “dynamically scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications on AWS.”


Help Desk Certifications   

Many an IT pro began their journey into the sector via a technical or helpdesk role. While the glitz and the glamor of development jobs can be eye-catching, there’s no reason to overlook the potential of helpdesk certifications and careers. They can be a great place to begin building skills– and if you find you enjoy the work, you may just end up sticking around for the long haul.


HDI Certifications

HDI, once known as the Help Desk Institute, offers a number of certifications. These range from basic, entry-level certs (like the HDI Desktop Support Technician certification) to advanced ones like the HDI Support Center Director. Each certification is designed to help you prepare to deliver excellent customer service while adhering to best practices. Later certs help prove your capabilities as a leader and innovator in your workspace.


Start Your Tech Career

Beginning your tech career can take a lot of time: between education, training, and certifications, it can be difficult to find time for a job search as well. If you need help looking for a job in IT, contact Atlantic Group Recruiters today.

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