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Interviewing for administrative assistant positions usually entail questions regarding your prior experience, personality, and work style. The key to a successful interview has to do with preparation and staying true to yourself throughout the whole process. The more ready you are to use your answers as tools (rather than passive responses), the higher your likelihood of receiving a position and getting started with work in a new company.


Outlined below are the three varieties of questions all administrative assistants should be prepared to answer in their next interview. Read on for a handful of helpful tips and tricks designed to reduce your anxiety and boost your confidence.


Your Guide to Answering Administrative Assistant Interview Questions


Questions About Skills and Experience

  • What makes you well-suited to work as an administrative assistant?
  • Tell me about a time you used administrative software creatively to solve a problem.
  • What are some of your most notable accomplishments as an administrative assistant thus far?
  • What’s your comfort level when it comes to (software/task/responsibility)?


There are a few golden rules about answering these questions. First: honesty is the best policy. Exaggerating or lying about your skill set hurts both you and the company. If you get hired, you may end up falling behind or struggling with tasks. Always be honest in interviews so that both you and the business find the right fit for the position.


You also need to focus on appearing self-confident. Your interviewer is the one who asked you to describe your accomplishments. Don’t shy away from talking about the positive impact you had in a prior position or the great work you did on a certain project. If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, you won’t come off as pompous.


Questions About Your Fit in the Company

  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • How do you believe you’ll contribute to the culture in this office?
  • What types of environments do you perform in the best? Which environments stifle you?


Company culture and staff cohesiveness are two huge factors in the hiring process. No hiring manager wants to bring on a team member who’s likely to cause discord in the office. Try to appear as level-headed, positive, and friendly as possible as you answer these questions. Fire back with a few of your own, too, if you get apprehensive about what you’re hearing.


It never hurts to do some background research before your interview. Dig through the company’s “About” pages online and read over the job posting for your position of interest. Try to integrate common ideas or keywords that you see crop up repeatedly; it shows you’re willing to integrate before your foot has even made it through the door.


Questions About Work Style

  • Walk me through a normal day (or task) in your most recent position.
  • How do you prioritize projects– especially when deadlines are involved?
  • How comfortable are you working in teams? Alone? As a leader?


Work style is much different than work experience. Your interviewer wants to know how you get that work done; they’re looking to figure out whether your workflow will mesh with theirs. These questions deserve some serious thought in advance if possible. Answering them is a great way to reflect on opportunities for improvement in your work style.


Interviews are nerve-wracking no matter the context. Even the most seasoned professional in their field walks into an interview room feeling at least a few jitters. It can be tough to feel like you’re being put on trial, but your interviewer only wants to be sure they’re making the best decision for you and for their company.


Taking the time to consider the questions you may be asked ahead of time will help you prepare for your interview. As an administrative assistant, you’re likely already well-organized and poised to tackle tasks like these as they come your way. With a little bit of prep work and self-reflection, you’re sure to ace your next interview. Who knows– you could even land the position of your dreams!


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