Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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You’ve landed an interview for a position that you really want, at a company that interests you both culturally and professionally. You studied the company and have prepared for any question that might come your way during your interview.


Interviews are a two-way street. Not only is the company looking to see if you’re a good fit for the position, but you are vetting the company to make sure they are the right fit for you. Let’s review multiple questions to ask your potential manager that will help you determine if the position and company are right for you.


Are there Opportunities for Advancement at your Company?


Politely ask if the company tends to promote from within. Most employers will be upfront about whether there is potential for growth within their company. Whether or not opportunities exist for you specifically may be based on the position you are interviewing for and the company structure and policy. Approach this subject carefully, as you do not want to insinuate that you wouldn’t be satisfied with the position that is currently open.


Does your Company Offer Continuing Education?


With the advancement of new technologies, industries are constantly changing. In order to stay relevant in the industry, it is important to stay up to date on the latest and greatest advancements. Ask if the company sends employees to workshops, classes, or even online courses. Companies should support their employees’ desires to increase their skill set in a way that will benefit the company.


Who will I be Directly Reporting to and What is Their Management Style?


The interviewer may or may not be your direct supervisor. Ask who you will be reporting to and what their management style is. Do they have a more hands-off approach, or do they tend to micro manage? Is their management style more formal, or casual? There is no right or wrong answer, but you should make sure the management style is one that you are able to work with. Asking ahead of time ensures you don’t take the job and clash with your supervisor’s style.


What is your Approach to Performance Reviews?


Ask how employee performance is evaluated. Are there annual performance reviews? What are the consequences of poor reviews and the benefits of positive reviews? Asking these questions will help you learn more about the company’s values and the importance placed on employees’ work ethic and overall performance.


What Kind of Culture Does your Company Foster?


Everyone is different. Some people would love to work every minute of everyday solo in their office, while others need to be around people. Ask the interviewer how the company operates and how employees interact. This is also the time to address any scheduling concerns you might have or learn more about vacation and holiday policies.


How Does your Company Give Back to the Community?


If giving back to the community is important to you, ask how the company gives back to the community. Ask for how employees can get involved in the efforts. A philanthropic company will appreciate your interest in their community efforts, which can give you an advantage come hiring time.


What is the Employee Turnover Rate?


This question is a tactful way of finding out how happy employees are. If the turnover rate is low, it’s a good indication that employees enjoy working for the company. However, if the turnover rate is high, it may be indicative of a management issue or some other reason that employees aren’t satisfied to stay.


High employee turnover doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Maybe there isn’t room for advancement, so employees use the company as a stepping stone. If this is the case and your plan as well, then don’t let it deter you from turning down an offer.


Find the Right Fit

It is important to understand that interviews are not just about impressing potential managers. It is an opportunity for both parties to evaluate whether the position is the right fit. Interviewers want candidates to ask questions – it shows they are engaged in the interview and that they want to find the right fit as well, not just any job.


Employers do not want to hire talent who will be unhappy any more than candidates want to take a position that makes them miserable. Atlantic Group Recruiters specializes in matching candidates with the right company. Visit our website today to browse and apply for available job openings.


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