Wednesday, 03 October 2018
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tell me about yourself - job interview question

Interviews can be intimidating, but by practicing and presenting yourself in the best way possible, you’re more likely to confidently land the job. Many interviewers use a general set of questions and requirements that better help them understand why you would be the best person to hire. One of the questions you’ll most often hear, in one form or another, is “tell me about yourself.” But how do you know what the right response is for acing the interview?


Tips on Answering the “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

“Tell me about yourself” is one of the most commonly used and most frustrating phrases in the average interview. Like most, you may dread this question because it is difficult to know what exactly the interviewer is looking for in your answer.


Change Your Perspective

Instead of dreading this question and approaching it with fear or frustration, try to use this broad question as an opportunity. Do not look at it like there are a million ways to answer and mess up. Rather, approach the question as an opening to control and set the tone of the interview; to emphasize what you would like to present to them.


Put Yourself in the Interviewer’s Chair

Why would the interviewer request that you say something about yourself? His or her ultimate goal is to find out if you are the right candidate for the job you are applying for. The interviewer cannot spend all day asking specific questions, however, so they simply judge you on what you can present.


Be Confident

It is ok to show some modesty when interviewing because nobody likes a “show off”. But it is ok to be confident in your accomplishments, as well as your ability to do the job in question. When you tell your interviewer about yourself, a humble reply may not communicate how qualified you are. If you are uncomfortable selling yourself, try practicing true responses that show off your personality without sounding too arrogant.


Show Off With Simple But True Statements

Try to provide your interviewer with true statements that not only answer questions about yourself but also show off why you’re the best pick. Statements like, “I led my sales team for 5 years straight,” “I helped land major and long-lasting clientele,” and “I was at the head of my class in my college” all provide your interviewer with glimpses into your personality, accomplishments, and suitability for the job.


Focus Your Statements on the Job

Your interviewer wants to ensure that you are the right candidate for the job. With that being said, “tell me about yourself” is the perfect opportunity to show why you are the right candidate. Every statement that is provided to him or her should reflect your qualifications for the job. Before your interview, try studying the job description and focusing your statements on the job.

For instance, for a management position, you may want to talk mostly about your leadership capabilities and accomplishments. For an internship, try to focus your personal statements about academic accomplishments and goals.


Practice Makes Perfect

Odds are that no matter what type of interview you are on, your interviewer will ask you to tell a little about yourself. It can come in the form of “tell me about yourself,” “what do you think makes you qualified for this position,” etc. Before heading to the interview, read over your resume for talking points, practice what you plan to say, and create key points about yourself that you wish to focus on during the interview.


What NOT to Do

  • Do not simply recite your resume when your interviewer asks you this question. Your resume already has all of that information and the interviewer has most-likely already read over it. The interviewer wants to hear about items that are not on the resume.
  • Do not get too comfortable in your conversation with the interviewer. This isn’t a casual get together or your first date, which means they do not want to hear about the inner workings of your personal life. It is important to be friendly, but stay professional. Don’t give away too much information or information that isn’t important to the interview.
  • Do not make the mistake of being unprepared for your interview. Not only should your resume and paperwork be in order, but you should be prepared for the questions and requirements that may be necessary during the interview process. Those who seem caught off-guard during interviews may appear unprofessional and unqualified.


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