Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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Demand continues to expand for highly skilled professionals in the field of information technology. In 2020, we anticipate that salaries for these skilled professionals will only rise higher, as companies seek to expand their workforces and fill positions across the board.


The highest-paid jobs in the computer tech and IT fields require dual skill sets: technical know-how, along with ample doses of creativity and flexibility. Check out the below jobs that will be highly sought-after in the year to come:


Big Data Engineer

The average Big Data Engineer in the United States is making approximately $157,000 per year, but salaries can soar upwards of $178,000. Big Data engineers are used by companies to test, maintain, and develop big data solutions. A big data engineer must be skilled at both NoSQL technologies and data warehousing.


Java Developer

The average Java Developer in the United States makes an annual income of nearly $120,000, with some individuals surpassing $175,000. A Java developer works to create user-friendly apps that allow the customer experience to be seamless and pleasant. They will both build and evaluate the effectiveness of software, while working alongside other software engineers. Therefore, it is essential for a potential Java Developer to have good communication skills.


Many Java Developers have a college degree in computer science and/or software development. In addition to knowing the Java language, Java Developers also should know other languages, such as HTML and Python.


Data Architect

Data Architects enjoy a mean six-figure salary upwards of $150,000 – $175,000 in the United States. Large enterprises utilize data architects to provide guidance with data strategies, practices, and standards. Data architects might also work with security architects to ensure the privacy and safety of sensitive information. Data architects primarily work on conceptual and logical data management, and they typically need experience with ERwin Data Modeler V7 or a similar modeling tool.


Lead Applications Architect

In the United States, a Lead Applications Architect will typically make an average of $175,000 per year. A lead applications architect collaborates with software architects to design functional and effective applications for the internet. This role is charged with exploring and evaluating new technologies for the company’s designated purposes, as well as defining and designing the system architecture, integration models, and component interfaces.


Mobile Apps Developer

Another highly sought-after position is that of a mobile applications developer. The median salary for this job is approximately $140,000, but salaries can soar beyond $175,000 annually. A mobile apps developer must have robust knowledge regarding the various computer operating platforms (Windows and Mac). Someone in this position also needs to have a deep understanding of the utilization of tablet and smartphone technology.


Mobile Apps Developers need comprehensive knowledge of various programming languages, including but not limited to: HTML, MySQL, Java, and more. Mobile Apps Developers working for large enterprises should also be comfortable working with other technology professionals, such as engineers and computer analysts.


Software Engineer

The salary of a software engineer in the United States can vary quite widely, with a healthy range of $90,000 – $200,000. Both years of experience of the candidate and the compensation structure of the organization can make a big difference. Software engineers develop and design apps and computer systems for a wide variety of organizations.


Most software engineers have either a bachelor’s and/or higher-level degree in computer software engineering or a similar field such as computer science. It is essential for a software engineer to have solid technical know-how for the position, in addition to the “softer” skills such as communication and teamwork skills. Software engineers often work in conjunction with multiple individuals at larger organizations.


Site Reliability Engineer/Devops

A typical salary for a site reliability engineer is $135,000. Site reliability engineers need to be available for on-call duties and operations issues. They are also charged with developing software and various systems to keep a website at peak performance and reliability.


Site reliability engineers need a diverse skill set, with a background in systems and software engineering. It is also important for site reliability engineers to be continually interested in improving their skill sets, as they must respond and drive continual changes and updates for their websites.


Information Systems Security Analysts

Information Security Analysts are also compensated handsomely in the United States, with a median salary of $125,000, and an impressive rate of job growth at 32% per year. Information security analysts work to combat hackers from creating problematic situations for local computer networks. Such analysts also look for innovative ways to proactively thwart hackers from reaching sensitive and confidential information. Informational Systems Security Analysts need to be continually updating their skill sets, as hackers discover different methods to thwart seemingly secure systems.


Data Scientist

Data scientists fare quite well in the salary department, with the average Data Scientist receiving an income of approximately $150,000. Some data scientists might even earn $225,000 per year or more. The compensation of a data scientist is in alignment with their educational achievements; many data scientists can boast a doctoral degree.


Data scientists are tasked with taking huge amounts of raw data and turning it into something meaningful. They must synthesize, evaluate, and interpret the data – typically within the context of team demands. Data scientists must have a firm grasp of machine learning, and they must also know how to translate the data into something that the “average person” can understand.


Cloud Operations Engineer

In the United States, a cloud operations engineer earns well above the average income, with median earnings of around $145,000 per year. Cloud engineers need to have incredible technical skills, with a strong background in a cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services or similar. Typically, cloud engineers have a college degree in computer science or a related field.


Rob Friedman, Managing Director of IT states, “In 2020 and beyond, we are seeing the increased demand for data driven technologists along with a strong focus in the network and application security. The 5 most in-demand jobs we are seeing as of now are Data Scientists (AI), Mobile developers, Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers and data engineers.  We see this trend going well beyond 2020.”


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