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There is a common myth going around about contract positions. Many say that having a consulting position does not allow you to make real or important contributions to the company or tasks you are working on. They may also say that contract jobs will only hurt your chances of landing a full-time position and limits your personal development.



Benefits of Temporary IT Jobs


There are multiple benefits of having a consulting job. For example, recent school graduates often need to find a contract position that can act as a transition into their ideal role. These jobs not only allow them to get hands-on experience, but it also increases their professional network. Team members, mentors, and leaders are all potential points of entry for their next job. In addition, they can be great sources of recommendation when applying to jobs.


In another instance, perhaps someone was out of the workforce for a while. A contract job can act as a chance to refocus and learn new areas of technology they may not have been exposed to during their period of absence. It may also present them with an opportunity to be introduced to and work with new programs and applications. This consulting IT job could also act as a transitional position to full-time employment within that company.


There are also many “professional IT consultants” out there that move from project to project with each tenure lasting 12-18 months.  These professionals are incorporated as either LLC or an S-Corp and enjoy many of the tax benefits small businesses take advantage of each year.


There are many more benefits to having a contract IT job. Now how do you find them?



Finding Temporary IT Jobs


There are two main routes to finding IT jobs. One being self-search, the other being search through a staffing agency.



Searching for a job on your own has always been a common way to find jobs. Maybe you heard about the position from a colleague or found it through an online search. Spending a little time searching through our extensive job posting resources can lead you to come across the contract position you are looking for.


In addition, professional networking websites like LinkedIn will allow you to spot available consulting jobs. Also, the networking opportunities on these websites open up possibilities of meeting other professionals that can set up a contract position for you. Many websites like this offer job searches. All you would have to do is type in the keywords that you are looking for and all of the available listings will be presented to you.


Working With a Staffing Agency

While searching for positions on your own is a viable way of searching, it isn’t as effective as working with a staffing agency. Working with a staffing agency such as the Atlantic Group offers benefits such as:


  • Competitive Edge – We maintain relationships with many valuable employers, companies, industry professionals and insiders. This gives us the knowledge of position openings before they are released to the public. Getting connected with the business through our network also gives you more credibility as well. Staffing agencies have proven track records with their clients that show that the candidates they send to them are suited for the position and can perform the job well.
  • Detail Handling – Finding consulting IT positions on your own can be very detail extensive. Gathering all the possible openings is a task that takes a lot of time itself. A staffing agency can handle the logistics of the search and help you make the best decision.
  • Evaluations and Recommendations – Recruiters can evaluate your skill set and experience, then help connect you with the best possible positions.


According to Steven Joerg, Managing Director of IT, “There is no better route then building a relationship with a strong IT Recruiter.  It’s important that you take the time to meet your recruiter in person as this will hopefully be a long-term relationship.  Not only do strong recruiters have access to the best contract roles, but they can help you negotiate the best rate and keep you informed on the market as that projects wind down and in many instances, seamlessly place you into your next role, with little to no downtime.”


Finding the right consulting IT job for you is simple with the help of the Atlantic Group. Contact us today for more information and assistance.

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