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The Do's And Don'ts Of Working With A Healthcare Recruiter

What are some do’s and don’ts of working with a recruiter or staffing firm? Check out these tips for job seekers and secrets to success from Atlantic Group healthcare recruiters:


1. Do take the agency or recruiter seriously: All staffing firms are not the same. So if you’ve met with other staffing/recruiting firms and came away less than impressed with the recruiter, company, or type of job opportunities, don’t go into your next meeting with a recruiter with a negative attitude, and go through the motions. Good recruiters – like those at Atlantic Group – will notice, and take note. They’ll notice negativity in the tone of one’s voice, or body language, and that general lack of enthusiasm will waste both your and the recruiter’s time.


2. Do not remove previous contract or temporary work from your resume: It’s 2018. Experience working with a staffing or recruiting firm is as valuable as permanent, full-time experience. So showcase that on your resume when applying for healthcare jobs. All relevant experience matters to hiring managers, especially previous contract or temporary work in the healthcare industry.


3. Do not underestimate commute time: Whether it’s for your initial interview with Atlantic Group, or for a job you are considering, consider the commute time to the office, or job. Be on time. Or be realistic about how a long commute will affect your ability to succeed in the job.


4. Do be available before and after applying/interviewing: If a candidate is serious about their job search, they will be available and flexible for interviews, quickly respond to calls or emails, and make it a priority to meet or speak with the recruiters. Remember – there are other candidates just as serious about their search. If a candidate cannot be reached or has to be chased before or after an interview, then it is not surprising if he/she loses out because other candidates were more accessible.


A reliable candidate can also make the recruiter feel comfortable going to bat for them knowing that he/she is reliable and will respond in a timely manner.


5. Do not come off as overconfident: Candidates that do not take their prep call seriously, or believe they are overqualified or a lock for the position based on past experience, can hurt themselves more than they realize. Stay humble – don’t come across arrogant or as a know-it-all.


6. Do be confident: That being said…it’s also important for a candidate to walk into an interview confident. How can they do that? By preparing for the interview in advance. Go over your resume and anticipate questions that may be asked, practice responses, and be ready to explain your past experience with examples. Also, prepare questions for the recruiters as well – learn as much as possible about Atlantic Group and the job opening. Recruiters expect questions – so ask!


7. Do dress professionally and show up on time: Job seekers really do stand out if they are 10-15 minutes early and waiting in the lobby before an interview. Dress professionally – wear a suit, and prepare your handshake and initial greeting with the recruiter. Make a good first impression!


8. Don’t assume anything is guaranteed: Don’t assume just because you have an interview you have the job. Others are also interviewing and competing for jobs. But do understand that while one position may not be a fit, others could be, now, or in the future. Be flexible, open to new ideas, new opportunities, and learning new skills. Employers covet flexible employees.


9. Do stay in touch: Most job seekers truly do not realize how many people recruiters meet with in a given week. That does not mean you are not important, it just means a specific job you are looking for might not have been open at the time of meeting. So consider bi-weekly check-ins with your recruiter to show interest. Be polite about it and continue to ask if anything new has opened up or if there is anything else the agency may need. Staying connected pays off!


10. Don’t get discouraged: If there isn’t a job available, or you get passed over for a job, stay positive. Atlantic Group recruiters work with a large network of healthcare employers, and healthcare jobs are constantly opening up. Follow these above tips, stay connected, stay positive, and in time, a new job will work out!


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