Wednesday, 06 March 2019

Do you have open positions within your company that need to be filled immediately? Many employers struggle to keep up with demand depending on specific seasons of the year, or they might need more workers to fill a role on a temporary basis. Have you considered the benefits of hiring temp employees for your business? Consider these key reasons why you might consider a temp employee–and what they can offer your business.


1. Temp Employees Can Help Carry You Through a Busy Season

Some businesses naturally see an increase in business during certain times of the year. During the summer, for example, vacations and holidays can strain business operations.  If you’re in the middle of a busy season, hiring short or long term temp employees can help you though these busy times and decrease the strain on your permanent employees.


2. You Have Time to Decide if Temp Employees Fit

There’s nothing more frustrating for a manager than a bad hiring decision. You may find yourself struggling with an employee who just isn’t a good personality fit:  someone who doesn’t get along well with other employees, someone who doesn’t have the same standards as others in your business, or who doesn’t catch on as well as you’d hoped to the processes necessary to keep your business running effectively.


When you hire a temp employee, you don’t have to feel stuck with a bad hiring decision.  Instead, you can allow that employee to move on when their contracted time is up, and you can choose someone else. On the other hand, if a temp employee is a great fit for your business, you can offer them long-term work or even a permanent position.


3. Temp Employees Help Fill in Gaps

You have a fantastic employee who will be out on maternity or medical leave for a few weeks, leaving you shorthanded unexpectedly.  You have new business and your existing staff would struggle hard to take care of all of the responsibilities that went along with it.


Perhaps you have a season coming up when all your employees will be on vacation at once, leaving you struggling to fill your roster each day. Temp employees can fill in those gaps, allowing you to keep your business moving smoothly.


4. Temp Employees are Less Expensive for Your Business

Temp employees are often hired through a staffing or recruiting agency, which means a lower cost to install a new individual in your open position. Not only that, you will save money on benefits and payroll related expenses.  It’s a lower-cost option for keeping your business staffed and ensuring that the job gets done.


5. Prevent Employee Frustration

When you have a vacant position, other employees have to step up and fill those job responsibilities. This can quickly lead to an increase in stress and a decrease in overall morale. You may not be able to make a snap decision for a long-term hire, but you can put a temp worker in that spot quickly and effectively, freeing up your employees to focus on other tasks and improving work/life balance.


In some cases, you may hire a temp to take care of repetitive or menial tasks while using your existing employees to handle higher-level responsibilities; or, you may use your temp to fill the vacant role entirely.


Your business may not need temps all the time.  A temp employee may be a seasonal measure, or it may be a great way to get through a difficult time in your business. However you use your temps, you’ll find that they can offer immense benefit to your business. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of hiring temp employees, contact Atlantic Group today!

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