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When you go in for an interview as a marketing manager, you want to be sure you’re as prepared as possible for the questions that may be asked. It’s not just about your marketing knowledge, though of course that is a critical part of the process. Your interviewer will also be eager to determine whether you are a good fit for the team on a cultural level. Do you know the right answers to these common marketing manager interview questions?


Question #1: Tell me your story.

This is a relatively unique question used by interviewers who are hoping to find high-quality candidates. It’s an open-ended question, which means you have the opportunity to answer it however you want. Not only will it show how you will react under pressure, it will also give a look at your creative skills and how you tell a solid story. This question also reveals how well you can speak on the spot, which can be critical when pitching or talking to clients.


To answer the “Tell me your story,” question, try breaking your personal story down into this:

  • What made you decide to go into marketing?
  • What major events shaped who you are on a professional basis? Are there things that helped push you to higher levels of success?
  • Why are you currently looking for a new job?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish in the future?

When you tell an incredible, high-quality story, you increase the odds that you will successfully connect with your interviewer–and that they will find you a compelling candidate who will be a good fit for their team. If you have a chance to prepare ahead of time for this question, think through what your interviewer is expecting from their candidates and team members, then include some of that information throughout your narrative.


Question #2: How will you work with other teams to effectively accomplish your projects?

Marketing rarely stands in isolation. You will need to connect with the sales department, who has a better understanding of the customer’s actual needs, as well as production and other departments in the business. In order to create effective marketing campaigns, you need to incorporate information from those sources. Craft an answer that shows your understanding of this need to integrate departments and work together–and show yourself to be a team player.


Question #3: Tell me about a past product you have marketed.

Think of a solid example of a product you marketed in the past. How did you market that product? What strategies did you use to help increase your odds of success? What were the results? Describe one of your most successful marketing campaigns or give the interviewer a look at successful past marketing efforts.


Question #4: What will you do if a customer leaves a negative review?

Not every interaction with customers is positive–and as a marketing manager, you may be responsible for customer interactions. Describe how you will handle a customer’s negative response to your business. When do you take the discussion off of the review platform (usually social media or Google)? What will you offer a customer in an effort to make them happier? Think of specific examples, if possible, including offers you have made customers in the past.


Question #5: What is your greatest struggle when it comes to managing or supervising other team members?

As a marketing manager, you aren’t just responsible for your own work. You’ll also be responsible for working with other team members. Carefully consider your answer to this question. Explain where you are going to struggle when working with members of your new team, but also give examples of how you are working to turn those limitations into strengths.


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