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10 Questions To Ask During The IT Hiring Process

Jobs, job descriptions, and employer needs change fast in the world of information technology. New technologies develop, new systems emerge, and new software enters the market.


This can make it difficult for businesses, employers, and human resource professionals to keep up with the ever-evolving market. It can also be challenging for recruiters trying to truly understand the depth of an IT candidate’s skills, experiences, and value when recruiting, interviewing, and hiring for open IT jobs.


So how can recruiters truly find the best candidate, or right fit, for the job, when hiring IT professionals?


By asking good questions. Below are 10 of the best questions to be asking when interviewing for IT professionals:
1. What are your current day-to-day activities?

This is a great question because the interviewer can gain an understanding of their current job functions and responsibilities. Example: Are they doing more development vs. maintenance, or are they leading a team or just managing a project? It lets the candidate speak freely about what they currently work on and putting it in a conversational format.

2. How do you keep current with your technology skill set? Do you take technology courses, and/or obtain certifications?

By understanding the interviewee’s ability to stay current, the interviewer can get an idea of how proactive they are with technology. Technology is constantly changing, and a great technologist is someone who stays current. Are they keeping up to date with certifications in their area of expertise? Are they reading blogs, or technology publications? Finding out how they stay current is a good indicator of how they will grow with your company and adapt to change – which is inevitable in the world of IT.

3. A project that you were given involves a new technology or a skill that you didn’t understand. Where do you begin?

Since technology is always changing, this question shows how adaptable the interviewee is. This will show how they will act in undefined circumstance. Can they figure out a plan or will they fail unless someone else intervenes?

4. Can you tell me about a recent success that enhanced a project that you were responsible for?

Accomplishment-focused successes are very important to see what the interviewee has done and is proud of doing. It can also show if they were solely responsible for doing something, or if it was part of a team, as a collaborative effort.

5. Can you tell me about a high-pressure situation and how you went about handling/resolving the situation?

This is a great question to see how the interviewee handles tough/high-pressured situations.  Example: A portfolio manager’s computer crashes and she needs it back up and running immediately, otherwise she and her firm will lose money by the minute. The interviewee then explaining how he/she kept the portfolio manager calm and fixed the situation can prove they can not only solve issues/problems, fast and efficiently, but also communicate with team members/stakeholders – also very important in the world of IT.

6. How do you troubleshoot technology-related issues?

This will show the thought process of the interviewee. Do they go about solving the issue in a well thought-out/logical manner?

7. How do you handle multiple deadlines?

This shows the interviewee’s ability to multi-task and prioritize. Are they well thought out/logical in meeting their deadlines? Do they prioritize in a different way than other candidates in the field? This not only shows how they prioritize, but it helps delve into the mind of the person across the table from you.

8. What is your favorite technology and why?

This will tell the interviewer how passionate the candidate is about technology. It will also help determine if the job they are applying for is one that fits their passion and interests, which can lead to greater job satisfaction and success in the future.

9. Do you get bored easily?

In technology, candidates who get bored will not succeed in their environments. Interviewers are always looking for employees who want to keep themselves busy during down time and constantly challenging themselves.

10. What are the latest technology trends? Where will technology be in the next 10 years?

This is a great question to see how current the interviewee is with their industry knowledge. Not just about their current skill-set, but technology as a whole. Where do they see the future of technology? If this person is applying for a leadership position, vision is a must.


Technology is always changing, and so are the technology needs of employers. Asking these questions can help ensure employers and recruiters get to know candidates, and in the end, ensure they hire the right person to fill their IT staffing needs.


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