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Are you thinking about making a career change? Whether you think you might have an interest in moving into recruiting or you are just looking for a change, there are a number of advantages in this important field. Recruiters have the opportunity to work closely with both candidates for open positions and the employers who need to fill those positions. Often, recruiters find themselves in unique positions filled with incredible opportunities.


1. Recruiting is Incredibly Fulfilling

Working as a recruiter can be incredibly fulfilling. Recruiting allows you the opportunity to become an expert in the hiring process as well as reading people, which allows you to grow your skillset.  Consider what one of our employees has to say about making a career change to this industry:


After working in the industry for 6 years, I had not found my niche. I worked in a variety of different roles spanning from compliance, risk, audit, and operations but I still have not found fulfillment. This past summer, I took a leap of faith and a big risk by entering into the world of recruiting. It was scary to give up a stable career and the big-name firms I was accustomed to, but I knew I needed a change and could find something new and more rewarding.


When transitioning to a new company, the fear of change can be overwhelming. At your current company, you know the people, the culture, or you may be close with management and may not want to leave your team. When you begin a new job, all of those things become unfamiliar. But is that a reason to just stay in the same place?


What is it that prevents people from looking for new opportunities and switching jobs? Is it the fear of change? Is it timing? Or is it the uncertainty of what is out there and available?


I strongly believe it is a combination of all of the above. If the thoughts of making a move came to mind, it is likely you are not 100% happy in your current situation. Whether it is because of high turnover, poor culture or structure, changes in management, feeling underpaid, or even excessive hours, there is an overabundance of opportunities to advance your career and help you find your niche.


Take a leap of faith like I did, and you will be surprised with how satisfied you will be with your decision- much happier than staying within the same place. – Adam Horowitz, Associate Director


If you make a switch to a career in recruiting, you can experience that same level of fulfillment and satisfaction. If you enjoy working with people, coaching them through a job switch, and helping them establish the ideal careers for themselves, this could be an amazing career opportunity for you.


2. Recruiting offers a wide variety every day

When you work in recruiting, you do not have to worry that every day is going to be a repetition of the last. In fact, you will discover that recruiting offers a wide range of variety on a day-to-day basis. For example, you will get to work with new people and companies regularly. You will also get to meet people who have different skillsets and learn something new about the industry you have chosen. Each day brings with it something new and different, which makes recruiting a great profession for people who love change, excitement, and learning and development.


3. You have the opportunity to impact many people’s lives

Working in recruiting means the opportunity to make a huge difference for people. Imagine calling a candidate who has been on the job market for weeks or months and letting them know that you have a position for them. Consider telling a candidate who has been stuck in a position he hates that you have found a new opening that could be a much better fit for his personality, or telling a candidate who has an extremely specialized skill set that you have found the perfect position for him or her.


Working in recruiting can be life changing. You have the ability to match candidates to the perfect jobs for their personalities and their competencies. You then get to communicate with them through the early stages in that job, making sure they have all the tools they need to excel. For many candidates, this simple change transforms their lives by providing them with an income boost or offering them a job that increases fulfillment.


4. You get to interact with some of the top candidates in many industries

As a recruiter, you have the opportunity to converse with top talent individuals in a wide range of fields. Not only will that help you expand your own knowledge, it will help you get a better picture of what top talent looks like in each industry. You will get to learn more about the steps those candidates have taken, what industry knowledge they have and how they achieved it.


5. You have a great deal of flexibility in your day-to-day work schedule

When you work as a recruiter, you will take on many different tasks each day. Not only does that mean variety, it means you will be able to exercise a high degree of flexibility in your workday. As a recruiter, you have the ability to arrange your day according to your specific needs. This includes phone screens, interviews and tie to fully source professional candidates.


6. There are multiple opportunities for career advancement

As a recruiter, you do not have to have a huge stack of certifications or a great deal of experience before moving into the field. You will, however, have many growth opportunities. Technology in recruiting is constantly evolving, providing you with new tools to learn and discover on a regular basis. Working in recruiting also offers many opportunities for advancement, so you can continue to grow your career as you advance into a senior position. This requires bigger accounts, and improvement within income and career prospects.


Is a career in recruiting on your horizon? Are you considering making a change to this exciting and varied field? Contact us today to ask your questions about recruiting or to learn more about the opportunities available in our company.


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