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Are you looking for a new Senior Billing Specialist job in the Philadelphia area? Atlantic Group is always looking for qualified legal talent to fill open positions. We have the expertise, determination, and understanding to help you find your next legal position in Philadelphia.

What is a Senior Billing Specialist?

A Senior Billing Specialist is an experienced professional responsible for overseeing and managing the billing process within an organization to ensure accurate and timely invoicing and payment processing. They play a crucial role in maintaining financial accuracy, collaborating with various teams, handling complex billing issues, and optimizing billing procedures for improved efficiency.

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    What are a Senior Billing Specialist’s job responsibilities?

    The Senior Billing Specialist is responsible for a range of tasks which generally include:

    – Manage and improve billing process

    – Develop positive relationship with attorneys and clients through daily interaction

    – Lead Junior Billing Specialists

    – Ensure timely invoicing of clients

    – Follow up and resolve any unpaid or delayed invoices 

    – Assist with mailing of invoices

    – Review service agreements and billing contracts

    – Retrieve files in off-site storage


    What is the average salary for a Legal Secretary in Philadelphia?

    The average salary range for a Senior Billing Specialist in the Greater Philadelphia Area is $55,000 – $70,000. Salary is commensurate to experience.


    How much experience do you need to be a Senior Billing Specialist?

    To be a Senior Billing Specialist you will need a Bachelor’s degree and 7+ years of experience in billing and 2+ years of experience in a lead or managerial role. Submit your resume today to apply for open Senior Billing Specialist positions in Philadelphia.