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Are you looking for a new Paralegal job in the Philadelphia area? Atlantic Group is always looking for qualified legal talent to fill open positions. We have the expertise, determination, and understanding to help you find your next legal position in Philadelphia.

What is a Paralegal?

A paralegal, also known as a legal assistant, is a trained professional who provides essential support to lawyers and legal professionals. They conduct legal research, prepare documents, manage case files, communicate with clients, and assist with trial preparation. While they are not licensed attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or represent clients in court, their expertise and assistance play a crucial role in streamlining legal processes and helping attorneys deliver effective legal services.



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    What is a Paralegal’s Job Responsibilities?

    The Paralegal is responsible for a range of tasks which generally include:

    – Interview clients and create summaries

    – Review, organize and summarize reports and other documents

    – Conduct legal research and investigations

    – Summarize dispositions

    – Assist with trial preparation, witness preparation, organizing exhibits, preparing exhibits lists and coordinating witness appearances

    – Take notes, mark exhibits, serve as liason between witnesses, trial attorney, and other staff during courtroom sessions

    – Perform duties of legal assistants when requested or required


    What is the average salary for a Paralegal in Philadelphia?

    The average salary range for a Paralegal in the Greater Philadelphia Area is $55,000 – $70,000. Salary is commensurate to experience.


    How much experience do you need to be a Paralegal?

    To be a Paralegal you will need an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and a Paralegal Certificate. Submit your resume today to apply for open Paralegal positions in Philadelphia.