Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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Starting your job search can seem quite daunting, as the process can sometimes feel endless. Searching for a job is a fulltime job in itself! There are multiple steps that one must take as you begin your job process. Some of these steps include sorting through job postings on various platforms, making sure your resume is up to date, and lastly creating a cover letter that relates to the specific position you are applying for.


Including a cover letter in your job application has been a common debate over the past few years. As candidate’s past employment experiences, educational backgrounds, and skills have become more apparent through networking platforms, you might be wondering if opting out of sending a cover letter is an option. After all, all that time and effort used to create a cover letter could be spent on applying to even more jobs.


Although it could be tempting to forgo sending a cover letter, it’s better to be safe and include one in your application, as this could better your chance to land that perfect role. Cover letters are designed to target the position and employer in a way that proves you are interested and qualified for that specific job. Here are some reasons why you should include a cover letter when applying for jobs.


Rise Above the Competition

Today’s job market is particularly competitive, which means that you need every advantage that you can get. Believe it or not, a cover letter can do a lot to set you apart from the pack as it is designed to catch the employer’s attention through a brief introduction and summary of why you might be the best for the job.


One thing to keep in mind is that there are others out there like you, who are wondering if they can opt out of sending a cover letter. Ultimately, applicants decide not to waste their time sending one, but little do they know that they are giving you the competitive advantage in this situation.


By sending along a cover letter with your resume, the employer will be able to distinguish your application from the rest as they now have the chance to learn why you are right for the position aside from all other applicants that only provided a resume. Including a cover letter, even when it’s not 100% necessary, can give you a leg up over your competition.


Explain Any Concerns

Another great purpose that a cover letter can serve is to address any concerns that a prospective employer might have about hiring you. If your resume contains gaps or perhaps you aren’t exactly an expert at a skill that they are looking for in a candidate, then your cover letter can address these issues. You can also work to highlight the skills that you do have and the qualifications that make you shine brighter than the competition.


Invest the Effort and Reap the Rewards

When it comes down to it, crafting a cover letter might seem like a chore but it is the best method when it comes to convincing a prospective employer that they should consider your application.


With all that a cover letter can accomplish, it is best to take initiative and go above and beyond to prove to the employer why you are the right fit. In your next job application, really take the time to write a compelling cover letter so that you can exponentially increase the odds of landing your dream job. For help with the job hunt, contact Atlantic Group Recruiters. The team at Atlantic Group is committed to finding the right fit for both candidates and businesses.

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