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How To Hire The Right Candidate For Your Corporate Services Position

The cost of making one bad hire can be costly—literally.

In fact, research shows that making one bad hire can cost an employer over $50,000 when factoring in productivity, salary, benefits, and the time and money it costs to recruit and train the next hire.

One way employers can ensure they are making the right hire is by utilizing situational-based questions during the interview process. During a situational interview, candidates are asked to describe situations they may face on the job and how they would handle it, as well as the process and steps they take in completing tasks.


This helps employers learn more about a candidate’s problem-solving and analytical skills, versus just learning about their experience and responsibilities in past jobs. Solely asking about a candidate’s past job responsibilities during their interview is a major mistake.

Another mistake employers make when hiring for corporate services jobs is taking the duties of two or three positions and combining them into one role. Employers think they can save money doing this, but this results in two things:


1. The search takes much longer than it should because it’s rare to find a candidate that has such a diverse skill set.

2. Once the employee is onboarded and working, the employer ends up feeling that perhaps they hired the wrong person because the employee isn’t equally as strong in all areas of the job.


The reality is, there are not many candidates who will meet all of the skill requirements for multiple positions.


So if an employer does try and combine roles, they must determine the most important aspects of that role and highlight the must-have skills vs. the “nice to have” skills when considering who to hire.


If a candidate has some of the top skills and can learn the others on the job (with the understanding that this may take time), then employers should focus on that candidate versus trying to find the perfect candidate with all the required skills—which 99 percent of candidates won’t likely have.


There’s another option for employers looking to make sure they make the right hire for their corporate services jobs: working with a staffing firm.


By partnering with a staffing firm, employers not only spend less per hire, they also significantly reduce their chances of making a bad hire. Good recruiters at a staffing firm take the time to thoroughly screen candidates and make sure the job seeker has the right skill set, industry knowledge, experience, and career goals.


Recruiters with staffing firms don’t want to make one placement, they want to make the right placement—over and over again. Staffing firms are matchmakers, and their goal is to match the right candidate to the right job and right employer.


A good staffing firm also serves as an industry expert and can counsel employers on industry topics such as salary trends, job market trends, and issues every company faces, such as how to retain top employees.


Good staffing firms also have a long list of passive and active candidates they can recruit from; having a pipeline of great talent already in place allows clients to quickly fill roles as they become available.


The reality is this: a good staffing firm provides a competitive advantage and helps hire the right candidate for your jobs. Atlantic Group is that staffing firm. Atlantic Group’s corporate services division specializes in the placement of highly skilled professionals within sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, operations and facilities.


Contact us today to fill your corporate services staffing needs.


It’s one hire you won’t regret.


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