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gen z characteristics in the workplace

Generation Z is on the rise – and increasingly, the members of this young generation are joining the workforce. Born in the mid to late 1990’s, Generation Z  has the potential to create immense change for the workforce.


Members of Generation Z are known for becoming incredible influencers, both across social media and in real life. They are reliant on and proficient with technology. What does that mean for you, as an employer?


Consider these common characteristics shared by members of Gen Z and how they could begin to impact businesses.


1. Members of Generation Z are digital natives.

Unlike millennials, members of Gen Z rely on technology. They did not grow up in a  world without the convenience and accessibility offered by technology.


Not only are they comfortable using it daily, they are willing to explore a variety of recently developed technology. In industries where technology often lags, members of Gen Z are pushing the envelope and making drastic and often dramatic improvements using technology.


2. Members of Generation Z are looking for practical, stable careers.

Sure, they know that the job market is more solid than it has been in a long time. Gen Z, however, knows that doesn’t necessarily mean that the job market is going to stay stable. They likely cannot afford to pursue an expensive education that may make it possible for them to achieve their goals.


As a result, high school graduates from this generation are, increasingly choosing to skip expensive college educations and turning instead to apprenticeships and independent study, which can lead them to receiving technical positions and certifications.


They are okay with getting their hands dirty. They do not mind working hard. What they do want is stability: the ability to grow within a position and remain at a company, if possible. Gen Z equally wants the assurance that, should they lose one position, they will be able to easily acquire a similar position that matches their skill set.


3. Gen Z absorbs information quickly and efficiently.

Members of Gen Z have been advertised to most of their lives. They take in information quickly and effectively, which means that they are prepared to learn fast and assimilate new information very quickly. They prefer to learn at their own pace, when possible, which may change the way your company handles training modules and onboarding.


This trait also makes them highly efficient at completing projects and assignments, especially those broken down into smaller pieces that they can easily complete in a single sitting. They are also frequently looking for faster ways to produce the same end result–especially if they can utilize technology to do it.


4. They are extremely independent.

Members of Gen Z naturally trend towards independence. Not only are they joining the workforce earlier to fulfill their future plans by obtaining financial stability, their natural sense of independence makes them comfortable working remotely, with lower levels of supervision.


They know how to independently seek out solutions to their problems and can often provide their own technical support. This makes them ideal for both remote work and complex projects that require a high degree of independence.


5. Members of Gen Z expect a high level of communication.

Despite their independence, members of Gen Z expect high levels of communication, both from their employers and colleagues. They have become accustomed to instant communication across multiple platforms, both from the people they socialize with regularly to the brands they follow across social media.


They expect quick response times and easy access to information. At the same time, they are also more responsive whether they are in the office or not, and more likely to check company email from personal devices or answer a query when on personal time.


6. They have the ability to work across multiple devices and platforms with ease.

Gen Z is quickly becoming known as the “multi-tasking generation.” They have access to more devices and technology than ever. They often juggle tasks with a high level of efficiency and have the ability to easily move from one device or platform to the next without breaking their workflow. This can make it easier for them to complete many high-order tasks.


As an employer, that means you can rely on members of Gen Z to assimilate information from multiple platforms and keep up with their responsibilities with relative ease. Gen Z may also become less distracted than previous generations by minor interruptions, including email disruptions or social media during the workday.


7. Gen Z cares.

Members of Generation Z have causes that they care about, and they are looking for businesses that are also good-natured. They want to be a part of change for the better, and while they are practical about financial stability, they may be willing to forego some financial advantages in order to feel like they are a part of something bigger.


Gen Z typically wants to work for companies that practice sustainable practices, both in hiring and in terms of their environmental measures, and they will push to create change where their employers are not currently keeping up.


Generation Z is set to make several sweeping changes as they move into the workforce – and many of those changes have the potential to revolutionize the way you do business. By preparing now for the changes this generation will bring, you can both start attracting members of Gen Z to your business and pave the way for your business to be at the start of something bigger than you previously anticipated.


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