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If you are a recent graduate, you may have noticed the job hunt today is different than it was a generation ago. Some traditional jobs are becoming obsolete, while other roles are emerging. To help you sort out the ever-changing job front, we have researched LinkedIn (CNBC), TopResume and Forbes to come up with a list of some of the best entry-level jobs for recent graduates.


1. Software engineer

The role of software engineer is considered one of the most available jobs for recent graduates. With new software being developed daily, especially for mobile technologies, software engineers are in constant demand. The US Department of Labor projects that between 2018 and 2028, jobs for software engineers will increase by 21%. There is also a great need for software engineers who come equipped with knowledge of multiple computer languages, says TopResume, listing the starting salary at $83,000.


2. Account manager

Account managers handle a company’s sales accounts. Besides bringing in new customers, they also work closely with departments on all levels of the organization to ensure they maintain relationships with their key clients. As a sales account manager, you will most likely be compensated on commission and bonuses — but depending upon the company, may also receive a base salary and benefits. CNBC on LinkedIn lists the starting salary of an account manager as $52,900.


3. Administrative assistant

There is a growing need for highly-trained, tech-savvy administrative assistants to serve under teams of professionals in a law office, medical practice, or other professional office settings. Nowadays, an administrative assistant is usually required to work with no less than three different platforms or data bases, and the individual has to be open to acquiring more technical skills as needed.

Administrative assistants must demonstrate elite organizational and customer service skills. Salaries vary accordingly depending upon region and industry, but the average listed starting point is $34,750.


4. Online copywriter

In today’s digital world, copy refers to any type of advertising material — video scripts, white papers, blogs, ebooks, and other documents that are used to generate organic traffic online. Online content provided by copywriters is essential for any website with a product or service to sell, and this trend will only continue to take hold in the future. The starting salary of a copywriter’s position is listed as $58,750.


5. HR recruiting specialist/coordinator

An HR recruiting specialist or recruitment coordinator is a human resources professional who specializes in recruiting talent. They may work within a company in any given industry and play a key role in the screening and hiring process as they deal with candidates and recruiters, or they may provide their services as an outsourced independent contractor. With further research, it is found that the starting salary for a recruiting specialist $38,250.


6. Social media manager

Digital Marketing Media compares today’s social media manager to a company’s public relation representative in the days before the internet. Although social media managers did not exist fifteen years ago, they now create and maintain marketing campaigns and promotions across their company’s social media channels. They need to be comfortable using various digital tools to monitor social media analytics and measure the performance of the content they create. Forbes lists the starting salary for a social media manager at $44,000.


7. Project manager

Project managers in the software industry take on the responsibility of leading development teams through the product development process. They work to deliver a finished product within a specific time frame to clients, coordinating with various teams. Project managers can work within a company or they can be hired as an independent contractor.


It is very common for project managers nowadays to use Agile-based methods for managing their teams, so if you have certifications in Scrum or other agile-based project management approaches, you can become even more marketable. After a few years of project management experience and the appropriate PMP certificates, TopResume observes that you could potentially earn $90,000 or more annually.


8. Accountant

Top Resume lists “accountant” as the fifth top available job for recent graduates. Accounting departments are an essential part of all successful businesses, so this role is one that most likely will never become obsolete. As an accountant, you can become eligible for higher pay when you have a CPA license, which usually requires a master’s degree. Top Resume lists an accountant’s entry-level salary around $48,000.


9. Nurse (RN)

Medical professionals like nurses are in high demand now and will continue to be needed in years to come. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 12% growth in jobs for registered nurses between 2018 and 2028. Registered nurses hold a four-year degree and assist the physician in providing treatment for the patient (including administering medication, monitoring the patient’s progress, and educating the patient and family members on continuing care).


CNBC states that the entry-level salary for an RN is $62,400. This figure varies of course, depending upon whether you are working for a private hospital or private agency as opposed to a publicly funded health clinic.


10. Web developer

A web developer is responsible for creating and designing websites, and needs both programming and graphic design skills. “Web developer” is frequently listed as the most popular job open to recent graduates. A web developer needs to possess a deep knowledge of digital business strategies, an understanding of internet applications and protocols, and experience with different programming environments (such as JavaScript, HTML, Soap, and Ajax). The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects there to be a 13% growth in web developer jobs between 2018 and 2028. The starting salary of the web developer is listed at $86,000.


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