Tuesday, 30 November 2021
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person interviewing with a recruiter

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on national labor markets.  More and more people have been leaving jobs in pursuit of other interests or have dropped out of the market altogether causing a labor deficit across the country.  Candidates can demand more money and flexibility, which is causing pressure on companies to not only backfill these positions but also reassess and reorganize internal policies.


Below are 10 ways a recruiting agency can benefit your organization’s hiring strategy and support its success.


How Recruiting Agencies Can Help

There are times where internal strategies alone aren’t enough to secure the most qualified candidates, and traditional recruiting methods such as online job postings and hiring events won’t introduce you to all potential candidates. Here are some ways a recruiting agency can help your company identify and hire qualified professionals.


Save You Time

A recruiting agency works on your behalf and can look for candidates while you’re busy running your business.  Identifying and screening candidates, processing payroll and onboarding new employees takes time.  Working with a recruiting agency will allow you to focus on your business while ensuring open positions are getting filled.


A recruiting agency will help draft job descriptions, review applicants, screen candidates, and conduct preliminary interviews. Once candidates are vetted by the agency, they will be introduced to your company to start the interview process.


Faster Hiring

In 2017, the Society for Human Resource Management’s research revealed the average time to hire a new employee was 36 days. However, that metric has risen to about 42 days, and it can vary between industries, geographic locations, and positions.


Recruiting agencies can help reduce the time it takes to fill open positions because they’re in regular contact with a variety of candidates. This includes those actively looking for a new job and individuals who are considered passive candidates. These workers are gainfully employed but are open to switching jobs if the right opportunity presents itself.


Higher Quality Candidates

Recruiting agencies have specialized knowledge when it comes to matching candidates with open positions. Not only do these agencies maintain a database of qualified individuals, but they can also thoroughly screen them for specific skill sets. You won’t have to guess whether a candidate is qualified when presented by an agency.


An agency’s staff has the ability to give candidates exams to assess a candidate’s skill level. A recruiting agency can also conduct reference checks and verify transcripts and professional work experience.


Access to Large Database of Candidates

A job posting isn’t going to reach a large portion of available candidates.  Although some hiring managers and HR departments maintain a good database of candidates who have applied over the years, it’s impossible to stay in touch with those candidates, and some who weren’t chosen initially might not reapply.  Recruiting agencies develop strong relationships with candidates over the course of years. They regularly target a larger database of candidates based on the types of roles they’re interested in and their professional backgrounds.


Can Help with Temp Roles

Does your organization need seasonal or temporary help? There are quite a few industries, such as retail and manufacturing, that depend on temporary employees. Even some higher-level roles require intermittent staff that organizations aren’t always able to fill internally.


Assisting with temporary staffing needs is another way recruiting organizations can supplement your efforts. Sometimes filling non-permanent roles can be more difficult in a tight labor market. Recruiting agencies already have a list of qualified workers who are willing to accept temporary roles. They may even prefer temp work as a second job or a way to earn additional money during the holidays.


Only Pass Through the Best Candidates

Recruiting candidates is a time-consuming endeavor. You’re likely to get a large percentage of resumes that aren’t really what you’re looking for.


A recruiting agency vets all resumes and won’t send you candidates that don’t meet the specifications you need.


Can Help Fill Multiple Roles at Once

There may be times when you have two or more positions to fill. A recruiting agency can source qualified candidates for different positions at the same time.


Specialized Industry Knowledge

The main benefit of working with a recruiting agency is that they have in-depth industry knowledge. No matter the industry your company is in, there is an agency that most likely specializes in that particular industry and can help find the most qualified candidates regardless of their professional level.


Job Market Knowledge

Working with a recruiting agency will give you a realistic sense of what your organization will need to offer to attract candidates. If you’re planning on offering a starting salary below market averages, a recruiting agency can educate you on market compensation ranges. They’ll advise you on how competitive the job market is for the roles you’re trying to fill.


An agency may advise you to either increase the salary range, add to the benefits, or adjust your expectations. Recruiting agencies will have a solid sense of local labor pools and how fast you can expect to fill certain roles. Working with a recruiting agency will provide you with first-hand job market data that would take you months or years to acquire.


Focused on Filling the Role

Since recruiting agencies often work on commission, they don’t get paid unless they find successful candidates for you. Consequently, recruiting agencies are 100% focused on filling the roles you need. They’re not going to waste their time or yours with candidates you won’t like. Their interests are completely aligned with yours and you can and should expect the highest level of service.


Final Thoughts

Working with a recruiting agency is something many organizations do when they don’t have the internal resources to effectively do it themselves. In job markets with a shortage of qualified candidates, recruiting agencies can give companies an edge over others competing for the same people.  Learning how a recruiting agency can help you fill open positions sometimes takes direct experience working with one. An agency’s specialized knowledge and its professionals can help you fill multiple open positions efficiently and with the best possible candidates.