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What Exactly Are Corporate Service Positions

Corporate service positions include jobs supporting a variety of internal functions at any business. Marketing, administration, and human resources are some of the typical areas covered under the corporate service banner. Building a career in corporate services provides an opportunity for interesting work and good pay for the right candidate. 

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What follows is a high-level overview of some of the functional areas within corporate services. We also cover a few job roles in each area, including both senior and entry-level positions. Use this information to get the training and experience to build a successful career as a corporate services professional.

The Broad Area of Corporate Services

Depending on the specific business, corporate services might include human resources, internal recruiting, and inside sales. However, this article focuses on the jobs categorized in the “Administrative and Corporate Services” division on our job board. Generally, a business’s human resources and administration departments include many of the positions found during a search. Typically, a few jobs in marketing are also available under this area at any one time.

Human Resources

A business’s human resources team handles aspects of employee management related to pay, benefits, and more. They also manage the staffing process, including managers from various areas within the business to help conduct interviews. Senior professionals can find work as an HR manager or a Director of People, depending on the organization. Less senior positions include working as an HR administrative assistant.


Copious opportunities typically exist within a company’s administrative division under the corporate services banner. For example, a senior-level administrative professional might qualify for a position as an executive assistant. These demanding positions require the ability to juggle many different tasks. Superior organizational abilities combined with great people skills identify the top candidates.

Administrative professionals, early in their careers, have the opportunity to work as front desk receptionists. Multiple administrative assistant positions are also usually available. A positive attitude and attention to detail benefits anyone hoping for career success in this area of corporate services.

As noted earlier, some businesses include marketing and sales functions under their corporate services banner. So if you work in these areas, be sure to take that into account when searching for positions. Remember to consider the Atlantic Group as a partner for your next job search.

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