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Why is Learning JavaScript Essential in Software Engineering?

Why is Learning JavaScript Essential in Software Engineering?

JavaScript, in use for nearly three decades, remains one of the most popular programming languages. It still sees wide use in web development, providing a scripting framework to add interactivity to web pages. JavaScript also lies at the heart of many current development libraries, like React.js and others.

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So let’s take a closer look at the continued importance of JavaScript in the software engineering world. The language also serves well for teaching new developers the concepts of software development, especially in building enterprise-level web applications. Notably, hiring managers still regularly search for programmer candidates with relevant skills and experience in JavaScript.

JavaScript is Easy to Learn

JavaScript remains an easy-to-learn programming language, making it a good choice for those new to software development. The syntax shares many similarities with more complex languages, like C++, C#, and Java. This means learning JavaScript makes it easier to grasp those other programming languages as you advance as a programmer.

JavaScript Libraries are Essential for Modern Web Development

As noted earlier, a variety of frameworks or libraries used in interactive web development rely on JavaScript. When combined with HTML 5, this makes building modern web applications easier, helping you become more productive. So after learning JavaScript, make it a point to also learn some of the frameworks discussed below. 

These frameworks include Angular, Vue.js, and the previously mentioned, React.js. This knowledge helps increase the demand for your emerging JavaScript skills throughout the software development world. This remains the case even with a programming language with nearly 30 years of use in the industry.

Open Source JavaScript Libraries Reduce the Cost of Web Development

Significant other benefits of JavaScript libraries also add to the language’s popularity within the technology industry. For example, they are usually open source and free, reducing the cost of web development for businesses. At the same time, this also makes it easier for you to learn each framework on your own time. So, create a cool website to get noticed by hiring managers.

A strong JavaScript community also makes software development easier. Programmers regularly leverage this resource for different libraries to perform a variety of development tasks. For example, there’s even a library making it easy to build navigation bars and other similar UI features. Once again, if you want to enter the programming field, consider learning JavaScript as your first language.

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