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Fear of being underqualified

How to Overcome The Fear of Being Underqualified

So you found an intriguing job opportunity on one of your favorite websites. It offers a chance to take your current career to a higher level with significantly higher pay. However, you avoid making any effort to apply for the position since you feel underqualified based on the job’s requirements.  

This specific scenario remains common among candidates, even when they possess relevant experience and job skills. Here are a few insights to help you overcome this fear and subsequently put your career on the right path.

Don’t Let The Fear of Rejection Affect Your Job Search 

Many reasons exist for avoiding applying for a job because of being underqualified. The most obvious one involves the simple fear of being rejected. However, you must not let that and other similar worries influence your decision to apply. The benefits of an application – even if you don’t get the job – ultimately outweigh any negatives.

It’s Rare That an Applicant Meets 100 Percent of The Job Requirements 

If you lack the experience and specific skills detailed in a job ad, you likely aren’t alone. In fact, any candidate completely meeting a company’s requirements for their open position remains a rare occurrence. Keep this in mind if you typically suffer from low esteem, leading to the previously mentioned fear of rejection.

Any Interview Opportunity Ultimately Benefits Your Career 

If you end up getting selected to interview for an open position, you get the opportunity to impress the interviewer with your skills, experience, and personality. Use this chance to focus on the attributes you feel will be a good fit for their organization. Also, highlight your willingness to learn what it takes to thrive in the position.

In the end, companies typically value someone making a great fit within their culture. This likely trumps someone with the exact skills and experience but a poor personality. Always remember any interview provides you with meaningful experience even if you don’t get an offer.

Ultimately, never let the fear of failure influence your career growth. Whenever you find a position matching your professional dreams, simply go after it! Having a positive, proactive attitude benefits you in the long run.

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