Atlantic Group Co-Founder, Rich Scardina, has recently been featured on Hedge Fund Alert’s weekly update, to see Rich’s piece, scroll below. To view the complete update click here.


Rich Scardina, co-founder of recruiting firm Atlantic Group, said he has never seen so many open jobs in his company’s 15 years in existence – or so many counteroffers for employees looking to switch jobs.


Scardina was talking with a portfolio manager just this month about a hire of a prospective chief financial officer. “Listen, I just want to be clear. You’re not going to get the person you want at the price you want,” Scardina bluntly told the manager. “I will tell you what the bid is, and either you hit that bid or you move on to the next candidate.”


“Candidates are just not taking jobs at price points less than what they want. They’re just not,” Scardina said after relating that conversation to Hedge Fund Alert. “Because they are smart enough to know how good the market is, and somebody will hit their bid.”