Early on, during the shelter in place orders that came during COVID-19, many companies realized just how important technology was to drive their business and improve overall efficiency. Many businesses needed to quickly acquire new technology in order to make remote work possible: utilizing new programs to improve communication and effectiveness, deploying new hardware to team members working from home, and overall improving accessibility to all team members through the use of technology.


Now, as businesses are moving to reopen, technology is just as important as ever. In some office settings, many employees are still working remotely. In others, customers need tech-friendly solutions that will allow them to utilize the company effectively without needing to come in to the office in person. The gradual reopening of businesses across the country does not mean that COVID-19 is over–and in order for your business to continue operating effectively, you need to continue to effectively utilize technology to reach your goals.


The Importance of IT Services

Many employees are eagerly awaiting the return to the office and that sense of returning to normal. As the workplace amps up, however, the demand to fill positions may quickly outstrip the available talent pool. Not only must IT employees continue to support employees in the office as they always have, they may need to provide new levels of support for employees continuing to work from home or customers who still need to utilize virtual services. Not only that, COVID-19 fast-tracked digital transformation across many industries.


Those businesses now need an enhanced IT team to support the services their customers have now come to rely on. Many of them may need to shift their operations and continue to put additional services in place to help enhance customer service or improve employees’ ability to work from wherever they are.


While the available labor may have seen a temporary increase, since unemployment rates skyrocketed throughout the pandemic, top talent will likely return quickly to their former positions or acquire new jobs in their preferred industries. In order to acquire that top talent, your business needs to act quickly and provide a competitive offer that will attract and retain those employees. Job security has become increasingly important in the post-COVID-19 era, as many employees have faced joblessness or decreased hours at work during this period of turmoil.


Business owners must also consider the ongoing tech talent shortage that has caused so many problems across many industries. Utilizing effective IT services, therefore, remains critical for businesses in every industry, as does working with an effective recruitment company that can help find the talent you need for your open positions. Partnering with a market expert like Atlantic Group, however, can give you access to a larger talent pool as well as decreasing the time needed to fill qualified openings.


The Elite Talent Difference

Your business may have undergone a substantial digital transformation during the pandemic. As you move forward following the pandemic, much of that disruption may remain. Many businesses are already anticipating the need to continue to improve technology in order to offer their customers the highest possible degree of support as the world continues to navigate post-pandemic life.


It takes elite talent to stay at the forefront of your industry–and right now, that’s more true than ever before. You need candidates for your open positions who are forward-thinking, innovative, creative, and up to taking on many of the challenges associated with the changing times and the changing needs of your customers. You have had to adapt quickly over the past few months. You may need to continue to adapt equally quickly in the months to come. As you learn how to better manage those challenges, having the right talent in place could make the critical difference that will help propel your business to the front of your industry and keep you there.


At Atlantic Group, you’ll find access to elite talent: job-seeking individuals who might not find your open job posting on their own. This will allow you to fill your open positions from a highly skilled talent pool, increasing the odds that you will find the ideal candidate to keep your business at the forefront of the technological changes facing your industry. Many of our professionals are subject matter experts in their field. They have spent extensive tenures in recruitment and have deep networks and pipelines of passive talent, which they can then help funnel into your business. That talent can help your business navigate the technological challenges ahead and keep you functional even in the face of potential future disruption.

The Client Partnership Approach

At Atlantic Group, our client partnership approach provides our clients with invaluable marketing intelligence and information on hiring trends as well as the structure and process needed to source, hire, and retain superlative talent. If you need tech industry professionals to fill your open positions, we can help you find them. We don’t just provide you with a list of resumes that “might” fit your requirements; instead, we help guide you through the process, sourcing exceptional candidates who are more likely to be an ideal fit for your open positions while streamlining your hiring process so that you can get them in your open positions sooner.


We offer the full white glove treatment: not just the traditional services offered by staffing firms, but efforts that go above and beyond. Our business is built on valued, long-standing relationships. We partner closely with our clients to continue to offer high-quality staffing services. Over time, we develop an increasingly deeper understanding of exactly the candidates our partners are looking for, which allows us to more effectively deliver exactly the connections they need.


Are you ready to start hiring the IT talent you need to help your business as you reopen the office following the pandemic? Do you need access to a high-quality talent pool that will help you achieve your goals and provide a better customer experience? Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions.

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