Atlantic Group, a leading recruitment company based in New York is seeing excellent results from a recently introduced college graduate recruitment program. Traditionally recruitment agencies have targeted college graduates to fill vacancies for their clients. College graduates fulfill a lot of requirements, they are enthusiastic, eager to learn, have a new way at looking at things and bring in a new set of contacts to an organization.


Atlantic Group identified that there was a huge potential for these college graduates to become leading recruiters, provided they are trained properly, mentored and given concrete goals, similar to their college routine. This strategy has reaped exceptional rewards, with many graduates moving up quickly in the organization and even going on to recruit new grads for the organization from their former colleges.


There is always a sense of irony in the recruitment industry, where recruiters spend so much time recruiting people for other companies, and in many cases fail to recruit for their own. Atlantic Group realized they were regularly finding some of the best young graduates in the country, and so they thought it made sense to recruit some of those people for themselves.


About Atlantic Group
Atlantic Group is a recruitment agency headquartered in New York with additional offices in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Stamford CT. Backed by strong business ethics, the company provides targeted recruitment research and industry expertise to deliver market-leading results. The company builds long-term relationships enabling them to deliver the perfect match between client and candidate time after time.