Are you looking for an ICU Nursing position in the NYC area? Atlantic Group is always looking for qualified nursing talent who can support hospitals and patients. We have the expertise, determination, and understanding to help you find your next nursing position in New York City.

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    What are an ICU Nurse’s job responsibilities?

    The role of the Intensive care nurse (ICU RN) will assist in the treatment of acutely ill patients with life-threatening conditions, in settings requiring continuous vigilance, complex assessments, and high-intensity therapies and interventions. Working with the patients and their families, the ICU RN will strive to create healing, humane and caring environments while also focusing on patient advocacy, working in settings such as intensive care units and cardiac care units.

    What is the average compensation for an ICU Nurse in NYC?

    An ICU Nurse in New York can expect to be compensated between $60k and $90k depending on experience and the hospital of employment.

    What qualifications do you need to be an ICU Nurse?

    • At least 1 year experience in an acute setting within the past 3 years
    • BLS, ACLS certification
    • New York State Nursing License