How to Start a Career in IT and Succeed!
Working as a technology professional offers the chance for both interesting work and a lucrative salary. The demand for talented IT professionals also remains high despite the threat of a potential recession and economic downturn.
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What To Put On An IT Resume With No Experience?
Having no direct IT experience should not put you off firing off a resume for your dream role. Gaining industry certifications, learning relevant skills, and finding the right components in your degree can all help. You may be an ideal candidate for a certain IT role and if you have the right skills and experience from elsewhere that this can be applied and your resume should demonstrate that.
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The Appeal Of Salary Transparency In Tech Hiring
Should a tech business fail to enact salary transparency then it may not realize how much harm that is doing. From failing to entice the best prospective new hires to how they could end up breaking the law. Disclosing salary transparency could even help a tech business decide how to organize its pay structure and go some way to achieving pay equity across society. 
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