Will Employers Call Past Employers?
In the world of job hunting, reference checks are a common practice. But what should you expect when potential employers reach out to your past employers? This blog provides an insightful overview, answering questions about how far back employers typically check, what questions they ask, and how to prepare your references for the call.
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How to Write a Strong Accounting Resume That Lands Interviews
See tips on how to write a strong accounting resume. Showcase your skills, achievements, and value to accounting departments.
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What To Put On An IT Resume With No Experience?
Having no direct IT experience should not put you off firing off a resume for your dream role. Gaining industry certifications, learning relevant skills, and finding the right components in your degree can all help. You may be an ideal candidate for a certain IT role and if you have the right skills and experience from elsewhere that this can be applied and your resume should demonstrate that.
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